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I've created NetForChrist Ministry, aware of the special need of churches and other christian institutions to have the latest modern trends in web design and social interaction while being good stewards of our monetary resources.
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Web design and maintenance


Web design and maintenance

Logo Creation

Facebook Art


Poster Art

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Web Design

Why settle for an antiquated look on your website? We offer the best, modern styles to make your website dynamic and in-step with the times...

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Web Hosting

We currently host our websites with 1&1 Web Hosting, which gives our sites excellent opportunities to expand their reach and services, including WordPress ®.

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We can do the "dirty work" for you.

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Social Interaction

We can help you create, organize, and maintain your social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn, and Pinterest, among others.

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Graphic Design

We are also able to provide graphic design services, like logo creation, Facebook Cover Art, Posters, Videos, Illustration (for blog messages, for example), and other digital design services.

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